By | February 9, 2024

Unsettling Incident: Uddhav Sena Leader Shot Dead in Mumbai

Borivali, a northern suburb of Mumbai, witnessed a disturbing incident this week when Abhishek Ghosalkar, a prominent member of the Uddhav Sena party, was fatally shot during a Facebook Live broadcast. This shocking event, which unfolded in the assailant’s office located in IC Colony, was witnessed by countless social media users.

The Suspect: Mauris Noronha

The perpetrator of this shocking act was identified as Mauris Noronha, a local social activist. Reports indicate that Noronha fired at least four bullets at Ghosalkar, targeting his abdomen and shoulder, before tragically ending his own life. The assailant’s bodyguard, Amrendra Mishra, was subsequently arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch under the Arms Act. Sources suggest that Mishra was employed by Noronha only a few months prior to this incident.

Background of the Victim: Abhishek Ghosalkar

Ghosalkar was not only a key leader in the Uddhav Sena but also the son of former MLA Vinod Ghosalkar. A dedicated party loyalist and a former corporator, the 40-year-old Ghosalkar had a personal feud with Noronha. It was reported that the Facebook Live session was initiated to show that both parties had decided to set aside their animosity for the betterment of the IC Colony area.

The State of Maharashtra’s Law and Order

The unnerving incident has raised serious concerns about the law and order situation in Maharashtra. The live streaming of the attack on Facebook, coupled with the recent CCTV footage of a BJP MLA firing shots inside a police station in the neighbouring Thane district, has fuelled these concerns.

Political Fallout: Sanjay Raut’s Demand for Resignation

In the wake of this unsettling event, Uddhav faction leader Sanjay Raut has called for the resignation of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. Raut criticised the Chief Minister’s alleged meeting with the assailant, Noronha, just days before the shooting and called for immediate action.

As the investigations continue, this incident serves as a grim reminder of the need for stricter law enforcement and gun control measures in the region.