By | February 9, 2024

Unravelling the Truth Behind the ‘Violent Settlers’ Narrative on The Temple Mount

In an alarming revelation, it appears that the United Nations (UN) has been depicting Jewish visits to the Temple Mount as acts of violence. This false narrative presents Jewish individuals and groups, escorted by Israeli forces, as ‘violent settlers’ entering and touring the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, a sacred Islamic site located in the West Bank.

Exposing the UN’s Misleading Reports

Elchanan Groner, a reporter for Hakol Hayehudi, brought this issue to light. Groner revealed the UN’s misleading categorisation of these peaceful visits as violent incidents, fueling tension and misunderstanding. This distortion of facts isn’t just limited to the Temple Mount issue. A recent study by Dr. Michael Wolfowicz, a criminology researcher at the Hebrew University‚Äôs Faculty of Law, revealed additional inconsistencies in the UN’s reporting.

The Truth Behind the Numbers

Dr. Wolfowicz examined UN reports of alleged settler violence against Palestinians from 2016 to 2022. He discovered that a significant number of incidents occurred in Jerusalem, mostly involving Jews visiting the Temple Mount or tense encounters between police and Muslims in the area. Surprisingly, many Arab on Jew attacks were recorded by the UN as “settler violence.”

Twisting the Narrative

In one notable instance, an assailant attempted to stab Israeli citizens at a gas station. An Israeli citizen with a firearm permit neutralised the threat, and the attacker later died from his injuries. However, the UN recorded this self-defence act as an example of “settler violence.”

An Unsettling Trend

This trend of misreporting extends to numerous other incidents involving attacks on Jews and subsequent defensive action. Even acts of violence by Arab rioters targeting Jews at sacred sites like Joseph’s tomb were recorded as “settler violence.” Essentially, any defensive action by IDF forces or civilians against terrorists near Jewish settlements is misrepresented as “settler violence.”

Implications and Concerns

This misrepresentation is more than a matter of incorrect terminology; it fuels a narrative that unfairly and inaccurately vilifies the Jewish community. The Biden administration, unfortunately, seems to be swayed by these misleading reports. It is crucial that light is shed on this issue to dispel falsehoods and foster understanding and peace in this long-contested region..