By | February 9, 2024

Teen Arrested following Fatal Shooting in Abbeville

In the quiet town of Abbeville, chaos erupted on a recent Thursday evening as a shooting incident led to the untimely death of a young man and the subsequent arrest of a teenager.

Chilling Night of Incident

It was around 8:45 in the evening when the tranquillity of Robie Circle was shattered by the sound of gunshots. The Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s deputies were summoned to the scene to probe into the incident. Reports indicated a man had been shot and was whisked away in a private vehicle.

Swift Response at Convenience Store

In a bid to seek immediate medical help, the vehicle halted at a nearby by-pass convenience store where an Acadian Ambulance was conveniently stationed. The medical crew sprang into action, rendering immediate aid before swiftly transporting the victim to a local hospital.

Victim Succumbs to Injuries

Despite the efforts of the medical team, the victim, identified as 19-year-old Dylan Michael Walker from New Iberia, tragically succumbed to his gunshot wounds.

Teenager Arrested in Connection with the Incident

The Sheriff’s deputies’ investigation led them to a 16-year-old Abbeville boy, who was subsequently taken into custody. Charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery were lodged against the teenager. The Sheriff, Mr. Couvillon, revealed that the teenager had pleaded guilty to six criminal charges in December, including burglary, theft, and illegal possession of firearms. In fact, he was wearing an ankle monitor due to his prior conviction when the shooting occurred.

Investigation Continues

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s deputies have stated that the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and additional arrests could be on the horizon. This tragic incident has left the quiet town of Abbeville reeling, as it grapples with the loss of a young life and the shocking involvement of a teenager.