By | February 8, 2024

Chilling Crime Uncovered in Greater Noida: Teenager Murdered

In a chilling turn of events, the Greater Noida police have discovered the body of a missing teenager, who was the son of a local businessman. The youngster, Vaibhav Singhal, had vanished mysteriously a week ago from Bilaspur, a suburban area of Greater Noida renowned for its rapidly developing infrastructure and booming real estate.

The Investigation

The police embarked on a rigorous search operation following the family’s pleas for help. Their investigation proved fruitful when they traced Vaibhav’s mobile phone, leading them to two suspects. Ashok Kumar, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police for Greater Noida, detailed the sequence of events that led to the apprehension of the suspects.

While monitoring the phone’s location, law enforcement officials spotted two individuals navigating from Dhanauri towards Sakka. When confronted, the duo attempted to escape, sparking a high-intensity chase that ended in a gunfight. The suspects, one of whom was a minor, were eventually detained.

The Confession

During their interrogation, the suspects confessed to the gruesome act. Vaibhav’s phone, a pistol, and a cartridge were recovered from them, cementing their involvement in the crime. The primary suspect, 19-year-old Maaj Pathan, sustained injuries during the altercation with the police.

The Motive

The investigation unearthed a bitter conflict between Vaibhav and Maaj over a girl, the fuel for this tragic event. Tensions escalated when Maaj discovered his girlfriend’s photo on Vaibhav’s phone. Despite Maaj’s insistence on deleting the photo, Vaibhav stood his ground, stirring up even more hostility. In a horrifying twist, Maaj and his accomplice lured Vaibhav under the guise of reconciliation, only to murder him and dispose of his body in a local canal.

While this shocking incident has sent ripples of fear and sadness throughout Greater Noida, it also underscores the importance of prompt and efficient police work in ensuring justice for victims and their families.