By | February 8, 2024

In a horrifying incident that shook the city to its core, two local businessmen were brutally stabbed to death in Bengaluru’s Kumbharpet area. The victims have been identified as 55-year-old Suresh and 68-year-old Mahendra, both of whom were well-known figures in the local community.

Details of the Incident

The gruesome act was reportedly committed by an individual named Bhadriprasad, who chillingly confessed to the crime and surrendered to police. According to initial investigations, the murders occurred due to a heated dispute over a four-storey building located on the main road. The building, of significant value, was the subject of a pending court case.

A Tragic Evening at Shri Hari Enterprises

The incident unfolded at Suresh’s shop, Shri Hari Enterprises, situated on Kumbharpet Main Road. Bhadriprasad allegedly approached Suresh under the guise of wanting to discuss the property dispute. As the conversation progressed, Bhadriprasad pulled out a knife and began attacking Suresh.

Upon hearing Suresh’s cries for help, Mahendra rushed to his aid, only to be stabbed by the assailant as well. Despite their attempts to flee, Bhadriprasad chased them down and continued his brutal assault until both men lay lifeless.

Aftermath of the Crime

Upon receiving the distress call, local authorities quickly arrived at the scene. The bodies were taken into custody and a preliminary investigation was launched. DCP Shekar, who is overseeing the investigation, stated that initial findings suggest that the double murder was indeed a result of the property dispute. Bhadriprasad, who is reportedly a distant relative of the victims, is currently in police custody and being questioned.

The investigation is ongoing, and we hope that justice will soon be served for the tragic loss of Suresh and Mahendra. As we await further developments, the incident serves as a grim reminder of the dire consequences that can arise from unresolved disputes.