By | February 8, 2024

In an unfortunate incident, an adult male lost his life after an unexpected encounter with a live mortar at an army training facility located in Tamulpur, Assam. The man, identified as Khempo Narzary, aged 32, had allegedly trespassed into an active army training zone with the intent of collecting leftover explosive materials.

Location of the Incident

The incident occurred at the Sukanjuli firing range, situated near the Indo-Bhutan border. This area, a vast expanse often used by units of the Punjab Regiment and Madras Regiment of the Indian Army, is strictly off-limits to civilians due to the inherent risks posed by ongoing military exercises.

The Incident: A Detailed Account

According to local police reports, Narzary, a resident of the nearby Hartola village, had ventured into the firing range on Wednesday evening. Unaware of the grave danger, he attempted to dismantle an 81-mortar bomb, which tragically detonated, causing fatal injuries.

Investigation and Aftermath

Once alerted, local law enforcement authorities swiftly reached the location. Despite efforts to rush Narzary to a nearby hospital, he succumbed to his injuries. A thorough investigation into the incident has been initiated, with local residents likely to be questioned as part of the enquiry process.

Warning Measures and Safety Concerns

Pankaj Yadav, Superintendent of Police (SP), Tamulpur district, stated that the area is always cordoned off with prior warnings issued before any training sessions commence. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the challenges in managing such a large area, where it is nearly impossible to spot an individual from a distance of over 1,000 meters. The incident has brought to light the dangerous practice of locals entering prohibited zones to collect explosive remnants, a safety concern that requires urgent attention.

Local Reaction and Pending Response

The unfortunate event has sparked protests among some locals, who are demanding a response from the Indian Army. As of now, the Indian Army has not issued any statement regarding the incident.