By | February 7, 2024

In a remarkable demonstration of rescue operations, a two-year-old boy was retrieved alive from a borewell in Govana village, Lalpur Block of Gujarat’s Jamnagar district. The boy, Raj Vasava, son of an agricultural labourer, fell into the borewell on an agricultural field around 6:30 pm on Tuesday.

The incident took place on the property of Govind Karangiya, approximately 47 kilometers south of Jamnagar. The boy was immediately rushed to a local hospital for treatment, according to local officials.

Swift Response by Local Authorities

The alarming news of the boy’s fall resulted in immediate action by local authorities. Firefighters from the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (RMC) and health department teams were immediately dispatched to the scene. The district’s senior officers, including District Collector Bhavin Pandya, also rushed to oversee the rescue operation.

Challenging Rescue Mission

The boy, originally from Maharashtra, was stuck about 15 feet down the borewell. The rescue teams, including pediatricians on standby, faced a challenging mission. Initial attempts to retrieve the boy with hooks failed, prompting the teams to dig a parallel well. After drilling through hard rock for several feet, rescuers successfully retrieved the boy around 3:30 am, according to Sub-Inspector S P Gohil of Lalapur police station.

Miraculous Survival and Ongoing Treatment

Raj was rushed to the state-run G G Hospital in Jamnagar. Dr. Nandini Desai, the medical superintendent, confirmed that the boy was stable but still under observation in the ICU. The little survivor suffered abrasions and lacerations, but his vitals were being closely monitored.

Increased Incidents in the Region

This incident marks the third time a child has fallen into a borewell in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, which includes Jamnagar and Devbhumi Dwarka districts. Previous incidents have unfortunately resulted in fatalities, highlighting the urgent need for safety measures around open borewells on agricultural fields.

The heroic rescue of Raj Vasava not only underlines the importance of rapid response and teamwork but also serves as a critical reminder of the need for heightened safety standards in the region.