By | February 7, 2024

Megan Nolan Set to Move to New York Amid Career Success

Renowned Irish novelist, Megan Nolan, is making a significant shift in her life. Currently residing in London, Nolan is preparing to move across the Atlantic to New York. This new chapter in her life coincides with the release of her second novel, “Ordinary Human Failings”, and her recent nomination for the prestigious Gordon Burn Prize.

Accolades and New Releases

The Gordon Burn Prize recognises literature that pushes boundaries, innovates style, and challenges reader expectations. Nolan’s nomination reflects her fearless ambition and forward-thinking execution, qualities that were evident in her debut novel, 2021’s “Acts of Desperation”. This critically-acclaimed work offered a vivid exploration of obsession and female interiority, garnering both popular and critical acclaim.

Exploring New Genres

In a shift from her debut novel, “Ordinary Human Failings” delves into the thriller genre, focusing more on emotional and social histories than traditional crime clues. The narrative begins with a tragic incident in 1990s London, spiralling into the lives of the Greens, an Irish family living in the same estate. The novel expertly weaves together family secrets, personal vices, and tabloid culture, offering an intricate portrait of a family in crisis.

A New Chapter

As Nolan prepares to leave her London apartment for New York, she reflects on this major transition. She anticipates a new era of frivolity and exploration, an opportunity to live life untethered and on her own terms. The bustling streets of New York City will not only provide a vibrant backdrop for her personal journey but will also serve as inspiration for her upcoming novel.

Nolan’s success and ongoing evolution as a writer exemplify her commitment to exploring new horizons, both in her personal life and her literary endeavours. The move to New York marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, one that promises to be as captivating and complex as her novels..