By | February 7, 2024

Nicholas Rossi Faces Rape Charges in Utah after Extradition from Scotland

Nicholas Rossi, a man who spent two years battling extradition from Scotland to the United States, recently appeared in a court in Utah facing charges of rape. The former fugitive was extradited back to the US last month after Scottish judges dismissed his claim of mistaken identity. Insisting he was an Irish orphan named Arthur Knight, Rossi continued his fight against extradition.

Rossi Appears in Court via Video Link from Prison

Now 36-years-old, Rossi made his appearance before Utah’s Fourth District Court via a prison video link. Prior to this, Rossi had refused to appear at two separate court hearings in Utah concerning the rape charges. However, last month he was warned that he might be compelled to attend. The presiding Judge, Derek Pullan, informed Rossi during the recent hearing that he was charged with rape, a first degree felony alleged to have occurred in Utah County in September 2008.

Additional Rape Allegation in Salt Lake County

Besides the charges he currently faces, Rossi is also dealing with a separate rape allegation in Salt Lake County. His arrest in December 2021 came under an international warrant after he was admitted to a hospital in Glasgow due to Covid-19. Persistently claiming to be a victim of mistaken identity and insisting his name was Arthur Knight, Rossi’s situation took a turn when a sheriff in Edinburgh ruled in November 2022 that he was indeed Nicholas Rossi. This conclusion was drawn after matching his tattoos and fingerprints.

Rossi’s Final Appeal Against Extradition Rejected

Despite his best efforts, Rossi lost his final appeal against extradition on 14 December last year. According to prosecutors in Utah, he is charged with raping a 21-year-old woman back in 2008. However, Rossi was not identified as a suspect until about a decade later due to a backlog of DNA test kits at the state’s crime lab. During the previous hearing, Rossi maintained his innocence, denying he was Nicholas Rossi and asserting his name was Arthur Knight Brown.

This ongoing case serves as a poignant reminder of the long arm of justice and the tenacity of legal systems across borders to bring alleged criminals to trial.