By | February 7, 2024

Alleged Killer with a Troubling Past: The Kevin Charles Queau Case

A Chilling Cold Case Revived

Kevin Charles Queau, a 42-year-old former resident of Winnipeg, Canada, is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Recently charged with second-degree murder for a crime dating back to 2007, Queau’s past is under scrutiny once more. The victim, Crystal Saunders, was a 24-year-old woman whose life was tragically cut short. Her body was discovered in a ditch near St. Ambroise, a small community about 75 kilometres north-west of Winnipeg.

Queau’s Troubling History

Queau’s reputation is marred by a history of serious criminal activities. Back in 2012, he was accused of stalking and harassing his ex-fiancée. This was shortly after being criminally convicted for forging her cheques. Queau’s behaviour towards women has been a cause for alarm. His rap sheet includes convictions for choking two women in British Columbia, with one case escalating to sexual assault. This led to a five-year prison sentence.

The Saunders Case and Queau’s Arrest

Saunders, a young Métis woman, was last seen alive getting into a vehicle in Winnipeg’s West End. The very next day, her body was found by an off-duty RCMP officer. A decade later, advancements in technology allowed for DNA found on Saunders’ remains to be entered into a national databank. This led to a match with Queau, resulting in his arrest and subsequent charge for second-degree murder.

Continued Harassment and Violence

Even after his prison sentence, Queau’s alarming behaviour continued. He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting another woman and was charged with an aggravated assault of a different woman, both in Vancouver. His ex-fiancée also applied for a protection order, citing years of stalking and intimidation, including damage to her property, theft, and unsolicited mail.

Remembering Crystal Saunders

Despite the horrifying circumstances surrounding her death, Crystal’s family wants her to be remembered as a loving and caring young woman. Her mother revealed that Crystal had been forced into the sex trade, highlighting the challenges she faced in life. Now, they hope for justice as Queau awaits his court appearance in March.