By | February 7, 2024

The trial into the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr. by former Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy Jason Meade is set to continue on Wednesday morning with further cross-examination of Meade. The former deputy stands accused of two counts of murder and one count of reckless homicide in relation to the incident, which occurred at Goodson’s North Linden home in Columbus on December 4, 2020.

Meade’s Testimony and Defence

In a dramatic courtroom scene, Meade took to the stand on Tuesday, maintaining that he had no choice but to shoot when Goodson allegedly pointed a gun at him for the second time. “I thought he was going to shoot me,” stated Meade. “I’m thinking, ‘I don’t want to die.'” However, this account contradicts the Goodson family’s version of events. They maintain that Goodson was unarmed and returning home from a dentist’s appointment. He was carrying sandwiches in one hand and his house keys in the other, with earbuds in at the time of the incident.

Prosecution and Defence Case

Despite the defence team’s motion to dismiss charges due to what they deemed a lack of evidence, the motion was denied by Judge David Young. The prosecution rested their case on Tuesday morning, followed by the commencement of the defence’s testimony. The case is being tried at Franklin County Common Pleas Court, where proceedings are live-streamed for public viewing.

Details of the Fatal Incident

On the day of the incident, Meade was part of a U.S. Marshals Service’s fugitive task force serving a search warrant on Estates Place, not far from Goodson’s residence. Meade testified that, while leaving the area, he saw Goodson drive past him, allegedly pointing a gun at him. This prompted a pursuit down Estates Place, during which Meade claims he saw Goodson holding a gun and making a “pumping” action.

Continuation of the Trial

As the trial continues, the defence is expected to try and corroborate Meade’s account of events, while the prosecution will aim to expose inconsistencies in his testimony. The case continues to attract widespread attention, with many awaiting the outcome of this high-profile trial. Stay tuned for more updates as the trial unfolds.