By | February 6, 2024

The sleepy town of Spearfish, South Dakota, has been the epicentre of an unfolding investigation into the disappearance of 42-year-old resident, Justin Plaggemeyer. Missing since January 2021, his identity has finally been confirmed through skeletal remains discovered in December 2023.

The Discovery of Remains in Spearfish

In the heart of the Black Hills region lies the city of Spearfish, an idyllic and peaceful community shaken by the mystery surrounding Justin Plaggemeyer’s disappearance. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office received a call on December 10, about skeletal remains found in the outskirts of the town. This discovery prompted the involvement of several authorities including the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Investigation into Justin Plaggemeyer’s Disappearance

The Plaggemeyer family, who were visiting Spearfish from out of town, stumbled upon the remains and alerted the local authorities. The case’s unique nature warranted the involvement of the San Diego police homicide unit, who are now leading the investigation.

Working in conjunction with Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, South Dakota Highway Patrol and the Lawrence County Coroner’s Office, the team is actively probing into the circumstances surrounding Justin’s death. This collaborative effort aims to uncover the truth behind the incident, which has left the Spearfish community in shock.

Identification of Skeletal Remains

Following DNA laboratory testing, the remains were conclusively identified as those of Justin Plaggemeyer. The confirmation has brought a sense of closure to his family, who have been in anguish since his disappearance in January 2021. However, the cause and circumstances of his death remain a puzzle that the authorities are keen to solve.

Appeal to the Public

The authorities are encouraging anyone with information about Justin Plaggemeyer or the circumstances surrounding his disappearance to come forward. Their ultimate goal is to bring justice to Justin and provide his family with the answers they have been desperately seeking. The investigation remains ongoing, and the residents of Spearfish are hopeful that the truth will soon be revealed.