By | February 5, 2024

Indianapolis Police Investigate Mysterious and Similar Murders

Law enforcement officials in Indianapolis are delving into two disturbingly similar murder cases, which have shaken the local community. These two separate incidents occurred within a span of a few days in the same neighbourhood, bringing a wave of tension and fear to the residents of the city’s far east side.

Commonalities Raise Concerns

The victims, both Caucasian females in their 50s, were found dead on the same road. The manner in which they were killed was alarmingly alike, prompting the Indianapolis Police Department to note the eerie similarities. Both victims, identified as Shannon Lassere, aged 58, and Marianne Weis, aged 52, had roots in the eastern part of the city, which only added to the growing concern.

Police Seek Public Help

Despite the striking similarities, the police have yet to find concrete evidence linking the two homicides. The manner of death has not been shared publicly, and no suspects have been identified. Acting Police Chief Chris Bailey, during a press briefing, urged the public to share any information that might help in solving these puzzling cases.

Community Reacts to Murders

Justin Smith, son of one of the victims, expressed his belief that the two incidents were not coincidental. Local residents, such as Michael Adams, also voiced their shock and concern over the murders. “It’s just weird that it is two different people, two different days, and it seems similar. It’s absolutely weird,” Adams commented.

Public Safety Measures

With the investigation still ongoing, the Indianapolis police have taken measures to ensure the safety of the community. The department has increased the presence of uniformed officers, both in vehicles and on foot, in the area where the bodies were found. The police are also actively working with the county forensic services agency to gather meaningful evidence from the crime scenes.


The mysterious and similar killings have left the Indianapolis community on edge. As the police continue their investigations, the residents are hopeful of a breakthrough that will bring justice to the victims and restore peace in their neighbourhood. The community’s cooperation is vital in these challenging times as law enforcement officials work tirelessly to solve these tragic crimes.