By | February 5, 2024

A chilling event transpired in Goa, India, as the owner of a beautiful villa was found lifeless in his own home. The 77-year-old man, identified as N.S. Dhillon, was discovered under mysterious circumstances, sparking an intense investigation under Superintendent of Police (North Goa), Nidhin Valsan.

Background of the Deceased

Dhillon, a native of Punjab, had made a name for himself within the hospitality industry in the picturesque coastal state of Goa. He resided at the luxurious villa Horizon Azura, nestled in the tranquil locale of Marra, Pilerne, in North Goa.

Details of the Incident

The alarm was raised by Seema Singh, Dhillon’s manager, who reported his absence. Upon arrival at the villa, the police found Dhillon’s lifeless body in his room. Valsan noted minor injuries on the body, hinting at the possibility of foul play. Despite living alone, Dhillon frequently entertained guests, raising more questions about the circumstances leading to his death.

Robbery and Missing Items

In a twist to the macabre tale, the police discovered several items missing from Dhillon’s possessions. His jewellery, mobile phone, and rental car were nowhere to be found. Valsan confirmed that the rental car was later traced to Maharashtra, where the occupants were apprehended by the Navi-Mumbai Crime Branch.

Investigation Progress

As the police continue to unravel the mystery surrounding Dhillon’s death, a team from Goa Police is set to head to Mumbai to take custody of the suspects. Valsan disclosed that a case of murder and robbery has been filed, based on the initial findings and missing items.

The shocking incident has sent ripples through Goa’s close-knit community, leaving residents anxious as they await further updates on this unsettling crime.