By | February 4, 2024

In a heart-wrenching incident, a young girl in Henry County, Georgia, tragically lost her life recently. The accident occurred when she was attempting to board her school bus and was hit by a car that reportedly drove past the stopped school vehicle.

Car Driver Ignores School Bus Stop Sign

The Georgia State Patrol disclosed that the driver, who has been named as 25-year-old Kaylee Andre, allegedly failed to stop for the school bus, despite it having its stop sign displayed. In a reckless manoeuvre, Andre struck the young girl as she was attempting to cross the road.

Driver Kaylee Andre Faces Serious Charges Following the Incident

Following the incident, Andre was arrested and is now facing serious charges. According to local reports, she has been charged with vehicular homicide, failure to stop for a loading and unloading school bus, and failure to exercise due care.

Young Victim Succumbs to Her Injuries

Authorities confirmed on Saturday that the young girl, whose identity remains unreleased, sadly succumbed to her injuries, sparking waves of grief and sympathy from the community. Many locals, including parents, have expressed their shock and sorrow over the tragic incident.

Community in Shock Following Tragic Incident

Lindsay Bridges, a local parent, shared her feelings with WSB-TV. “It’s very, very sad to hear about something like that happening to a child. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s heartbreaking. But I can just imagine what those parents are going through,” she said.

The incident has raised questions about road safety, especially around school buses, in the area. The community of Henry County is left mourning the unfortunate loss of a young life, and hoping for measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.