By | February 4, 2024

Dramatic Hit-and-Run Incident in Evansville Results in Arrest

In a late-night incident in Evansville, Indiana, a 37-year-old man, Rodney G. Kessler, has been apprehended after he reportedly crashed his SUV in a state of intoxication and fled the scene. The occurrence, which took place at the junction of Morgan Avenue and Oak Hill Road, has left the Evansville community shaken.

Details of the Incident

Just before the stroke of midnight, local law enforcement responded to an emergency call about an accident involving injuries. Witnesses at the scene described a white male, clad in a white shirt and jeans, hastily departing after colliding with a Ford F-150 pickup truck at considerable speed.

The pickup was occupied by five individuals, including three young children. The adult passengers reported experiencing pain following the incident, and all occupants were transported to a nearby hospital for medical assessment.

Apprehending the Suspect

Meanwhile, another officer in the vicinity detained a man who fit the description provided by the witnesses. Identified as Rodney G. Kessler, the suspect exhibited signs of heavy alcohol consumption, including slurred speech and impaired balance. When questioned about his wallet, Kessler indicated it was in his wrecked SUV.

Despite claiming he had no memory of the crash, Kessler did express discomfort in his neck and back. It was also revealed that Kessler had a record of traffic-related offences, including a 2019 conviction for operating during a life suspension, and a 2014 conviction as a habitual traffic offender.

Legal Proceedings

While awaiting the results of a blood test, Kessler was arrested and held at the Vanderburgh County Jail without bond. His charges include leaving the scene of a crash, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and being a habitual traffic offender. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of impaired driving and the importance of abiding by traffic laws.